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Writing with tired words

On just as tired dreams.

Is this a dream or reality?
if it's a dream then I shall never wake up again.
The Dream
She lives much of her life in the safe confines of her mind and has been told that she's far too sensitive. She hoards. She has bins full of books, and a tin full of fortune cookie fortunes. Her shelves and desks are full of nick-knacks and letters she will never part with. She has more jewelry and postcards than she knows what to do with. Her personal entries are friends locked. If one desires to become a friend of hers, all she asks is that you let her know how you found her. Easy enough, right?
She mainly writes crossovers for Naruto, Inuyasha, Yuu Yuu Hakusho, and Dark Hunters. But she will dabble into almost any fandom. She is very easily enabled to read new series or books, or to write for them. As she is getting back into the habit of reviewing her fandoms' canons, one can easily glimpse into all she happens to be involved in through journal tags.
She is a college graduate, with aspirations of becoming an elementary school teacher. She lives in a state that non-natives can never pronounce the name of properly. Also, she is a feminist and an environmentalist. She is obsessed with writing, English, Anthropology, and Philosophy. And will have odd entries about them. She used to be fluent in German and French, but lost it. So she is currently relearning it, along with Japanese. She is also a gamer. Stylesheet by refuted
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